Regulatory compliance

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Regulatory compliance

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Regulated Consumer Products

Whether you are producing a medicated toothpaste, a make-up kit or simply a lip stick. We are aware of the impact of quality on the application of such regulated products. We implement quality through a risk-based approach to commissioning and start-up, focusing best practice verification and documentation procedures on the areas most likely to affect product quality, cost and schedule. Expert in commissioning facilities for the pharmaceutical industry, SPGL can produce highly detailed documentation for close scrutiny by regulatory authorities. Depending on the type of product, we simply adjust the level of detail to suit each project.


  • Professional technical services group, servicing a range of market sections including:
    • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
    • Regulated Consumer Products
    • Healthcare
    • Chemicals
    • Buildings
    • Mission Critical Facilities
  • Support owners directly or indirectly as a 3rd Party working with A/E's, Cm's and GC's:
    • Provides standards for Construction Quality (including Methodology & Training)
    • Manage the Integration of Commissioning / Testing & Qualification Programs
  • Projects worldwide (UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Nordics and the USA)
  • Offices in London & Belgium
  • Unique Methodology for Integrated & Stand-alone projects
  • Global Quality Program, including "Good Practice Training & Certification Program"
  • All work to a common quality standard, controlled by our web-based global standard operating procedures and policies
  • Multi-lingual capability (French, German, Flemish and Arabic)
  • Safety & Sustainability
    • At SPGL, safety and sustainability are non-negotiable. Site safety is a top priority and we give equal importance to the effective use of materials and energy resources. By ensuring a safe, comfortable environment and a facility that is operating efficiently and to specified quality standards, long-term operating and maintenance costs are reduced and worker productivity improved, ensuring a sustainable level of performance.

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