quality control plan

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quality control plan

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Protect your high value assets

Pharmaceutical plant or nuclear facility. Hospital or research establishment. Iconic building or prestigious residential development. For any high value asset, the quality and finish are critical. But with numerous contractors working on the project, how can you ensure that no one uses the wrong or counterfeit materials or cuts corners to complete the work on time?

Assure quality & finish

A relatively small investment in a robust Quality Assurance programme mitigates risk & guarantees that everything you’ve asked for is delivered at every stage of the project. The aim of the programme is to maintain the right level of quality through our proven methodology, giving you documented proof that your new facility or building meets the standards expected of a high value asset.

Proof of a good investment

Long-term reliability, low-cost maintenance and the entire ‘asset life’ are key performance indicators for the value of an investment. When a high value asset is bought or sold, be it a luxury apartment or a pharmaceutical facility, a documented proof of the quality and finish of the asset gives potential buyers or sellers the assurance that their investment is worthwhile. This assurance is a powerful tool that ensures a secure and good return on invested capital.

Construction Quality Assurance (CQA)

With a programme that runs in parallel with the construction phase of a project, CQA ensures that a facility is delivered on time, as specified and to the highest possible standards of workmanship. An effective CQA programme translates good design and engineering into good construction, avoiding many of the problems usually encountered during commissioning and start-up. Ultimately, a facility or a building with a comprehensive CQA programme is more likely to have a trouble-free transition into the commissioning phase of the project and beyond.

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The importance of good construction quality

A well-designed facility with a first-class specification has little value if it’s poorly constructed and littered with defects. While an appropriate level of quality is usually agreed for the design and engineering phases of a project, it’s often overlooked for the construction phase – the time when quality issues have the greatest impact on a facility’s performance. Good construction quality is essential if you want your investment value to be guaranteed. If the overall construction quality is poor, this will lead to a poor return on invested capital as well as a loss of credibility and brand value.

"By implementing a Construction Quality Assurance programme for Eli Lilly’s new US$400m biotech facility, we made sure that quality issues were detected and resolved much earlier. As a result, the onstruction phase ran smoothly. And not only did the project come in under budget and ahead of schedule, the facility was in great shape for staff to start developing new products." Bruce Beck, Corporate Director for Global Facility Delivery, Eli Lilly.

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