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A flexible service

Because every project is different, SPGL offers three levels of commissioning support which can be adapted to create the ideal approach for a facility. We also provide a continuous commissioning service, extending our support post-occupancy to ensure that a facility continues to operate at optimum productivity with a healthy and comfortable work environment.

1. Independent Witnessing Agent

Depending on the size of the project, one or more SPGL commissioning managers would work as part of the project management team. Acting independently of the M&E contractor and commissioning teams, we would be the accepting authority for all M&E project testing, commissioning and performance testing.

2. Commissioning Management

An SPGL commissioning team would compile and monitor the commissioning schedule and be responsible for ensuring that all commissioning activities were executed and completed efficiently and cost effectively. For this approach to succeed, the commissioning manager must be an integral part of the project team from the design phase through to completion.

3. Complete Commissioning

SPGL's complete commissioning service combines the role of commissioning manager with commissioning execution, giving our team responsibility for all planning, management and execution services. The M&E contractor would be responsible for delivering systems to a defined state of mechanical completion, after which we would carry out all further activities.

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