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The benefits of commissioning


Improves energy efficiency

By ensuring that systems are designed, implemented and operated properly


Reduces change orders

Through early detection of issues during design and construction


Reduces maintenance costs

By identifying ways to make systems and equipment easier to service and maintain


Ensures correct and efficient equipment operation

Extending equipment lifetime and avoiding premature malfunction


Improves indoor air quality and thermal comfort

Increasing occupant productivity


Reduces time to completion

By improving coordination between design, construction and occupancy


Improves communication between project teams

Accelerating the detection and resolution of issues


Improves in-house knowledge

With comprehensive documentation covering every aspect of a building's systems, processes, facilities, equipment and utilities


Long-term impact

Commissioning-related savings extend beyond the project budge, showing up year after year as reduced operating and maintenance costs. For example, if commissioning at the design phase identifies a way to make an equipment room more accessible, it can save thousands of dollars every time the equipment is repaired or replaced.

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